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100% natural biodegradable and eco friendly teeth whitening using bamboo charcoal powder

100% natural biodegradable and eco friendly teeth whitening using bamboo charcoal powder

Do Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powders Work?

Teeth whitening. It's a tricky one for me. I've tried using whitening strips in the past from Crest, and my teeth got super sensitive. They got nice and white, but due to the pain my sensitivity caused, I haven't used it in years. So I was looking for an alternative. Maybe go all natural? Why not? 

I've done a little research, and other than "coconut oil pulling"- which left a gross fatty feeling in my mouth, the second most popular one was "charcoal teeth whitening". My cousin and Annabell has both mentioned how much they loved using coconut oil btw, so I'm sure it's good, it's just not for me. :)

I've seen dozens of fantastic reviews about using charcoal to whiten your teeth, so I thought I had to try it. I had high hopes to be honest; I was super excited and couldn't wait for my chosen product to arrive.

After much research, I've decided to go with Bamboo & Coconut Charcoal Whitening Powder. It's all natural, it promises to "remove stains and discolouration from the surface of your teeth to significantly whiten and brighten your smile. It's a 100% natural friendly teeth whitening powder." Sounds very promising. I've read some of the reviews on the website; someone even said they've seen a difference within a week of using it!

To use, you supposed to put some in your palm, wet your tooth brush, dip it in the powder and brush your teeth with what sticks on it. 

Well, funnily enough, due to the light in the room being much brighter in the before shot, my teeth even look a bit whiter than the after shot. It's not. It's the same colour. It unfortunately did not work for me. Or for my boyfriend. I asked him to start using it the same time I did, so I can see results on two different person. I'm really sad and disappointed about it, but maybe it's just us. We both used it for about a month, but other than our teeth feeling lovely and clean, we didn't see any change in colour.

The powder contains some mint, which I could taste slightly, but I felt like I needed to use mouth wash to really freshen my breath. So overall I wasn't a happy customer sadly. It did leave my teeth feeling and looking clean, it's just that I had very high hopes to achieve whiter teeth which did not happen at the end. I will continue using it tho', since I'm not even half way through my jar. I'm  beginning to think maybe I just haven't used it long enough, so I'll give you an update at the end of this post in case anything changes, and please do let me know if you have different results. 

This was of course only one very popular brand we’ve tried, so not saying all Charcoal products will fail to whiten, but this one did sadly. For me. You may of course have a different experience. Also, please do let me know if there are any other brands any of our lovely readers could possibly recommend for me, I'm still desperately trying to go all natural with my teeth whitening! :)

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