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Infrared light penetrates to the inner layers of the skin at about 2 to 7 centimeters deep. Hence, it reaches the muscles, nerves and even the bones. Many studies have shown that a frequency of infrared light, with wavelengths from 650 to 1,000 nanometers, is best used for healing inflammatory conditions such as muscle and join pains.
IPL is considered safe to use, providing the device is from a reliable, trusted brand and instructions are followed as advised. Occasionally, some people may experience side effects such as redness, discomfort, and very rarely blisters or burns. If any irritation occurs, please consult a medical professional.
Ultrasonic Ion Skin Scrubber is an at-home version of the highly popular spa treatment known as ultrasonic skin scrubbing. It performed to gently and effectively exfoliate the skin, removes dirt and extracts pores
We are glad that you want to do extra mile and upcycle your worn out toothbrush before recycling it. According to the dentists you should replace your toothbrush about every 2/3 months. You can either keep the bristles or discard them. Here's how to dispose of your toothbrush and reuse it.
Charcoal is currently one of the biggest trends in the world of wellness and cosmetics. It’s become a trendy ingredient in commercial face masks and scrubs, and some people also swear by it for whitening their teeth. Activated charcoal — the type used in beauty products and toothpaste — is a fine grain powder made from wood, coconut shells, and other natural substances that are oxidized under extreme heat. There are many charcoal toothpaste pro

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