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Professional 45W Heat LED Red Light Therapy Panel For Skin Heating Health Care Pain Relief

This energy-efficient and handheld device contains everything you need to get started and see results from red light therapy. Extremely easy to use and comfortable to hold, this product covers the full range of beneficial red light.

The exact spectrum ranges from some red light (660nm) and to the limit of infrared light (850nm), with peak output wavelengths designed to coincide exactly with our peak absorption in this range. The emitted light is focused by a magnifying lens into a penetrative point, meaning the light can be effectively used from a distance of up to 60cm.


  • Red and Infrared Light Therapy Panel: Deep Red 660 and Near-Infrared 850nm, best wavelength for light therapy. Near-Infrared 850nm is invisible light by human eyes, so it looks very dim, and deep red 660nm is looking very bright, so you will see half led work, and look like all red color but it is normal.
  • Enjoy Light Therapy at Home: This 45W Led light therapy panel perfect for use at home, you can enjoy your light therapy as salon quality at any time and anywhere instead of going to the light therapy beauty salon and paying the expensive cost every time. you can use the light therapy panel when you reading a book in bed, watching TV sitting on a sofa, play computer games. Enjoy light therapy any time and anywhere.
  • Back, Shoulder, Knee & Ankle Pain Relief: You can apply it to your whole body to get relief from any pain you're having. If the pain remains then please consult your ortho specialist as it may be due to some other complications.
  • Deep into the skin, effectively relieve pain: Professional 45W Heat LED Red Light Therapy Panel for Skin Heating Health Care Pain Relief Panel will help you to provide the relief of any pain.


  • Distance: Apply the light from 0 – 30 cm to the body.
  • Session Time: Exposure to each area for 10 – 25 minutes, depending on the distance.
  • Repeat on other areas if desired.
  • Frequency: Do this 2 times to 14 times a week until results are felt.
  • Maintenance: Continue using several times a week.
  • Light Area: Led Light can be applied to any area of the body, except the eyes.

Package Included:

  • 1pcs 45W Led light therapy panel with hanging set and plug
  • Remote Control
  • Manual
  • Eye Mask

Standard Technical Specifications

Size 12.2"x12.2"x1.4"
Spectrum Deep Red 660nm:Near Infrared 850nm=1:1
Weight 0.8KG
Input Voltage AC100-265V
Material Stainless Steel

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